EU PROJECTS: About the project

About the project

The Project entitled ‘ERECTION OF THE «EUROPORT» TERMINAL in Małaszewicze’ is being executed with the support of European Union within the Operational Programme ‘Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013’, Priority VII: Environment friendly transportation systems, Measure 7.4. Development of intermodal transport.

About the Operational Programme ‘Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013’

Upon the decision of 7th December 2007 the European Commission approved the programme ‘Infrastructure and Environment’ for the years 2007-2013. The sum of EU funds assigned for implementation of the programme amounts to nearly €28 mio, which makes about 42 percent of overall funds allocated for the Cohesion Policy in Poland (according to the 3.0 revision of the Operational Programme ‘Infrastructure and Environment’ (POIiŚ) of 21st December 2011).

The Programme comprises execution of large investments into the infrastructure with regard to nature conservation, transport systems, power engineering, culture and national heritage as well as health protection and university education.

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The overall budget of the project entitled ‘ERECTION OF THE «EUROPORT» TERMINAL in Małaszewicze’ covered by the contract signed is PLN 76, 409,594.15, of that the financial support from EU funds amounts to PLN 22,949,129.41.

The Project objective: the Project is aimed to increase the share of intermodal transportation in total cargo haulage owing to erection of the transshipment terminal in Małaszewicze Duże, commune of Terespol in the Biała Podlaska county.

The material scope of the project: the project relates to erection of the EUROPORT terminal in Małaszewicze Duże, the commune of Terespol.

The terminal shall include the following key components:

1. Transloading station for containers with storage areas and with the railway overhead gantry crane installed therein.

2. Parking areas for semitrailers as well as replaceable chassis to be transloaded at the station from special railway cargo lorries.

3. High-stacking storage with the N and S railway tracks adjacent to the loading ramp as well as manoeuvre and loading area for road trucks driving to docking terminals in the side wall of the storage warehouse.

4. Scales for trucks

5. Administrative backup facilities – welfare rooms, the command centre.

The Project entitled ‘ERECTION OF THE «EUROPORT» TERMINAL in Małaszewicze’ covers merely the expenses on the infrastructure that is and shall be used exclusively for needs of the intermodal transportation as well as purchase of IT systems, machinery and equipment necessary for transloading and transshipment of containers.

Construction works on the area of the EUROPORT terminal in Małaszewicze have been being in progress since March 2011 and are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014.

All up-to-date information together with photos that show progress of the project entitled ‘ERECTION OF THE «EUROPORT» TERMINAL in Małaszewicze’ are available under the tab ‘NEWS/ project stages’.